Lounge FM // Shoal Lake Kid

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Hey guys, so the reason I started this blog ended last weekend (aka school) but I have had so much fun meeting lovely people and listening to lovely music that I plan to keep it up. I really appreciate that you’re reading this blog and I hope that we can keep doing this thing together! Also please drop me a line if there’s any band specifically you’d like to read about.

Lounge FM

This was my second time seeing Lounge FM. I really should have seen them like five months ago when Corey, the guy with the tats there first told me about them. It was definitely worth the wait, though.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what qualifies music as “good,” and what keeps bringing me back to a band. It’s feeling like I’ve never heard something quite like what they do. And I think Lounge FM fits that for me. They play very groovy tunes, a bit more 80’s feeling than I’d usually listen to, paired with a colorful keys player and a gentle super-funky undercurrent.

I recognized parts of their sound. Like the vocals, or a bit of the guitar tone, or the keys progression. But they all sort of stemmed from different influences.

a bassist groovin

I gotta admit, they reminded me slightly of a dad-band at first. Not that they sounded like a dad band… they’re much smoother than that. But just, first glance. Anyway, they played a really groovy set. I’m surprised Corey’s voice can go that high, but I’m also pretty grateful because it sounds like he’s getting the hang of doing it well. Even just listening to their Bandcamp I could hear improvement between this show and I guess whenever they recorded that EP. The pitch reminds me a bit of Homeshake, which yeah, Corey, you’re probably not surprised about that either.

There’s a slow groove to these guys, but they also manage to pick it up. I think the bassist plays a big role in holding their sound together and directing each song. He’s got the fat tones laying foundation for the sometimes gritty, sometimes sweet guitar tone, and the delectable and ever-moving keys bits. All together the sounds are fairly euphoric. They’re a pretty euphoric sounding band, and a lot of the time the guitar tone brings in this neat little wobble that glitters.

playing a nice mean guitar

They’re a bit weird, but not the weirdest I’ve heard. I like how sort of sad yet content the songs seem. There’s a mood to them like, oh the lights are out, oh your spaghetti strap fell down your shoulder, oh that’s just tea candles, oh you’re just staring at your phone. Almsot that sort of sad millennial falling in love junk where everyone’s really sexy but really scared of personal intimacy.

Okay I’m reading a bit deep. But really, the jams are very sultry, very sexy. I would willingly break my own heart to a Lounge FM song.

this guy is great on keys i was very impressed also how wobbly that stand was made my anxiety a bit nervous but DAMN

Soft serve ice cream with chocolate cherry. A shot with Jameson and Baileys. Something sweet with kick, right? Something rich and maybe sickening in the most self-indulgent way.

If you’re interested in feeling really fucking cool, give ’em a listen.



Shoal Lake Kid

K guys I hate to say it but I’m pretty sure he’s an adult. Anyway, he’s back from the coasts or the mountains or something like that, and he’s playing really nice singer-songwriter stuff. I’ve seen Shoal Lake Kid once before and really enjoyed it and really wanted to be there for this one.

It was worth it. It was a short set, and I had a grandma issue of wanting to tell the crowd to quiet the fuck down, but the songs were rather nice. I’m not sure if Amos writes them all, I’m pretty sure he played at least one cover in there. Either way, his voice still sounds the same. There’s almost a hint of country in there, an ol’ down-home type feel, something next to a barn or tractor. Pretty rural Manitoba stuff too, but also pretty country.



He came with his own like fan section too, probably a bunch of friends, all cheering and shouting at appropriate times throughout the set. I find the voice really makes it with the one-dude singer songwriter thing. Guitars are great, and they all have different sounds, and you can line up a whole bunch of different combinations of notes and stuff, but it’s tough to get out of the finger picking or strumming variation of acoustic guitar playing. So the voice becomes characteristic.

Amos’s voice isn’t whiny, nor is it deep and gruff or twangy. He sings with a peaceful and remorseful feeling that kind of reminds me of those moments where you have to make do with a brutal situation and hold whoever’s near to help you close. He sounds much older than a kid but like with that feel of life is still good, which is something we know kids are capable of consistently.


The guitar was a lot of what you’d expect — nice bright major chords, dim and moving minor chords, some strumming, some plucking. Rhythmic, familiar and comforting.

Another singer joined for one song, and the harmonies they produced really stood out. It was a high point in the set personally, because it added another layer of complexity to the song. And not that simple is bad, but in that loud bar Thursday night, anything a little extra helped people hear the music.



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