Animal Teeth


these guys both had super sick shirts on 

You may recognize these guys from the header on this website.

That’s for a good reason — their music.

Okay so I’ve been an Animal Teeth fan for a couple years, and as I get further and further into the music scene, I realize more and more what I appreciate about them and how they stand out.

On this evening, Friday Dec. 2nd, they surprised me even again?


they played a bunch of different stuff this night and I didn’t recognize it all


Their sound is pretty stripped down. A three-piece, they have to fill out a room with a few instruments, and they go about it well. Ian’s drum style is fairly simple, but in a most groovy way, where he’s using the spaces between the sounds and the sounds themselves to carry the song. Adam really carries the meat of the song a lot of the time. He’ll carry the melody, the main beat along with Ian, the surrounding sounds and the atmosphere of each song. And then Stefan plays, and he brings the whole difference of it all.

I haven’t heard a song writing style like Stefan’s. I frequently like, not compare, but think about the similarities and differences between Animal Teeth and iansucks because iansucks still has a lot of Animal Teeth in it, and vice versa. And the vocal line and guitar part differ most.


ian really doesn’t suck for real

Stefan’s writing has this drifting quality to it, ephemeral almost, but still very real. He strings a variety of subtle notes together that carry you through a calm, almost otherworldly atmosphere. The strong rhythm section I think permits this flowing guitar style. It provides the structure and the grounds for the sound to wander along… It doesn’t quite box them in, doesn’t quite limit the path of the guitar. But sort of makes sense of it, for the listener, by providing the patterns from which a feeling of story is born.

Okay but at this show specifically, these guys caught me off-guard! I was expecting a lot of songs I knew because I know a lot of Animal Teeth songs. But they must have played some new stuff, or some older stuff that I don’t know. And I think they played one cover.

Animal Teeth have a pretty specific sound. Even when playing covers, or new things, the shape and colours of the band remain.


k you can’t quite tell here but the detail on Adam’s shirt is wonderous

I feel like I have a good grasp on Stefan’s style and how he writes, and the same for Ian too, mostly because I’ve heard them play a lot. And I guess I’ve heard Adam play a fair bit too? But he still feels mysterious in terms of his creative control in projects. I mean I don’t doubt he writes his parts and leads in jams and provides a strong guide for song, considering his presence as a bassist, but I still feel mystified? Is that the style?


I didn’t realize I shot this until I found it on my camera and wow, yeah. Winnipeg

It was neat hearing them play something different from the usual indie. Some songs had a fair bit more sort of chaotic energy than their other stuff. Their music is usually pretty chill for me, even the closer to uptempo songs. It carries a sort of peacefulness and ease that I find calming. They write lines like “you’re nice to be around”… It was neat to see them deviate from that. Made me pay closer attention that day.


Adam smiles







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